I never write things down!! Name that dish!

I have a bad habit of not writing anything down when I cook.  Who needs to write stuff down, I can remember pretty much anything.  WRONG!!!

While looking through old Facebook photos I started seeing pictures of dishes I cooked a few years ago and I have no earthly idea how I made them.  Truth be told I could recreate the dish again however, who wants to go through the hassle? Apparently I do, because I have no idea where the recipes are!!

As I try to find the recipes for these awesome dishes or at least a name for them please enjoy these great pictures.

It’s 2:33am, the time really has nothing to do with this random  post but because this post is so random why wouldn’t I include the time?

I’ll do better..I promise!!

French Toast Granola Pineapple Chicken Salad Pineapple Sweet n' Sour Pork

Wow!!! Don’t they look delicious?


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