Regenerate! The 3 Day Clean Eating Kick-Start

Hi Guys,
Thanks for stopping by!  First let me start off by saying, I’ve heard your cries.  I now understand that my 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge was a bit much for most people who are new to the clean eating lifestyle.  I’ve taken several months to rethink my approach, incorporate your suggestions and here’s what I created, it’s called the Regenerate! The 3 Day Clean Eating Kick-Start and I couldn’t be more excited.
Webster defines REGENERATE as: restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state.  That’s my hope for you once you complete this 3 Day Kick-start, that your body is restored during this process and your soul has a chance to regenerate while enjoying healthy, unprocessed home-cooked meals.  The bases of this program is to encourage, support and engage with you as you incorporate Regenerate! into your weekly routine. There’s a plan in place to support you during this kick-start as mentioned above such as meal prep, meal planning and email support.   I’ve also noticed, the recipes themselves were a little far out there if you were just starting your clean eating journey and with just a little tweaking here and there, we’re ready to rock!
Start telling your friend, family and co-works about the kick-start this week, so when you’re all set and ready to go they can either join you or stand on the sidelines and cheer for you.  Remember to tell them “It’s just 3 days!”.  Schedule your FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULATION with me and let’s get ready to kick-start your healthy journey!
The official start date is Monday, 7 November 2016.  I have a conference call scheduled for Saturday, 29 October 2016 at 10:00am EST to answer any questions you might have.  Once you email me and tell me that you’re ready for the kickoff, I’ll add you to a private Facebook group, provide kick-start material (recipes, meal plan, meal prep instructions) and issue the conference call number at that time.
I’m so excited for you taking this first steps towards a healthier lifestyle!  I’ll see you at the kick-Start!
Cheers to a healthier YOU!


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